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Next meeting is Tuesday 30th January 2018 19.30pm
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Adrian Sullivan -

Adrian is a very experienced Close-Up Magician and Stage Magician. He has performed his magic in the UK, Egypt, the USA, the Far East, Germany, Tunisia, France, Cyprus, Dubai and China.

With his long and varied experience Adrian can mix with clients and guests whilst entertaining them, entertain them while they are dining or perform a stand up act for your guests to enjoy. Adrian also lectures and teaches magic to magicians at Magic Circles and Magic Societies at home and abroad.

Past Lectures…..

Morgan and west -

Morgan and West met whilst studying at Oxford in the late nineteenth century. It was in that most reclining of seats of learning that the duo’s love of deception and legerdemain was born, and they would have been joined at the hip ever since, were it not for the vast discrepancy in the height of their pelvises.

In the intervening centuries these time travelling tricksters have performed their unique brand of magic, wit and whimsy on stages all over the UK, and indeed all around the world. Anywhere there are boards to be trodden, crowds to be wowed or tea to be drunk Morgan & West will be there with miracles in tow*.

Eagle eyed magic fans (magic fans who are eagle eyed that is, not fans of eagle eyed magic) will have spotted Morgan & West on their television/computer/tablet/phone/phablet/smart watch/smart kettle screens in recent years on shows such as Penn & Teller: Fools Us, The Slammer and The Next Great Magician.

As a fee paying club we aim to provide lectures in Banbury from top magicians throughout the year for our members free of charge (and non members for a fee).  Here are the past lectures we have had so far…

Gary has been awarded “Close-Up performer of the Year” at the Devon Magic Circle for seven consecutive years and has won the title a total of eleven times. Gary has also appeared on BBC1, Channel 5, Sky One, Gemini Radio & BBC Radio Devon and Channel 4’s The Graham Norton Show. Once seen never forgotten, Gary’s magic will astound, baffle and above all, entertain.

Gary’s endless sense of humour ensures his presence transforms any event into an unforgettable experience. His unique ability to create rapport with any audience results in his performance being talked about long after the show is over. Gary is able to borrow your coins, rings or your own cards and perform truly bewildering magic right in front of your eyes; then just as you catch your breath you realise he’s wearing your watch! A truly memorable entertainer, Gary has to be seen to be believed

“Oh my gosh!” HRH The Duchess of Wessex.

“What the #@?#!” Jonathan Ross.

 “Gary performs Close Up Magic of the highest order” The Stage.

 “You should be on the Royal Variety Show” Gordon Kaye.

Gary Jones

Saturn Magic Dealer Dem

Mark Traversoni from Saturn Magic visited the club with a selection of tricks from his shop.  Highliights were Stickman Bob, Ultimate Re-Maxed Iceolation, Quantum Leap, and Juicy to name but a few.

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